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I.   Drive lots of people to your site

Search Engines

Have you ever used Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN or AOL to search for anything on the Internet? Have you ever wondered how these search engines work? Well, we make it our business to know how they work. We believe that having a flashy site that visitors can't find, is like having a beautiful store on a side street that nobody sees. We design the site from the ground up to succeed at search engine placement and we make sure to keep up with all their latest algorithms and changes. There is much more that can be discussed regarding search engines, but there are two important points that must be understood. First, although we've achieved great success with sites that we've inherited from other developers, the ideal time to plan for optimal search engine placement is during the design phase, not after the site is up and running. Second, you can generate considerable web traffic, for a fraction of conventional advertising costs.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs refer users from one site to another, rewarding the referring site for all referrals and/or orders placed at the destination site. We've developed one of the most advanced and robust affiliate program in the industry. Do not confuse affiliate programs with banner ads. With banner ads, you pay whether they successfully generate business or not. With affiliate programs, you pay for results only. These programs are changing the business model of successful commercial sites and Corporate Technology is proud of its vanguard role in this important technology.

II.   Clearly explain what products or services you offer

With so many sites competing for web surfers' attention, it is critical to quickly convey why they should continue to navigate yours. You've probably seen many sites whose home page took forever to load and then told you very little about why you should stay. We optimize our graphic images to load quickly and we get right to the point. If you are still reading this, then maybe we are doing something right.

III.   Make it easy for them to find and request more information

Our web portfolio includes several sites whose content is data driven. That is, there are no prepared web pages ready for you to download. Rather, the web page that you will see is automatically generated by the web server, based on input from you. Thus, when you price a car at AutoFrance, for example, the pages are being rapidly generated based on criteria that you have selected, from data stored in a database on the server.

The site owner does not need to call us to modify the page each time an item is added or modified. By simply adding the item to the database, the web page automatically displays it. This approach greatly reduces site maintenance costs.

Humility prevents us from boasting too much and our lawyers prevent us from naming names. But if you test drive our sites and compare them to their competition, you will find that ours are on the magnitude of 5 to 10 times faster (call us if curiosity prevails).

IV.   Allow them to order securely online

This, too, is pretty amazing technology. Imagine a visitor to your site wanting to place an order for something you are selling. He or she will enter the information at home (say in Houston). This information is then encrypted and passed to one of our secure servers in, say, New Jersey, where it is then processed by a credit authorization company (perhaps in Atlanta) which links to the credit card company (say San Francisco) for final approval. Our program then receives any of several approval or rejection codes, intercepts them and replaces them with English text, softening the blow of a possible rejection and confirming the order when successful. This information is then stored in a database for future reporting. Total length of time from when the user placed the order? Usually under 5 seconds!

V.   Incorporate web related activity with your ongoing business

It should be fairly evident, if you browse through our site, that developing database driven applications is something we do much of. We do it well. And we've been doing it for a long time. You may not think of a web site as a database application. But you should. Because it is.

The data you display and the data you receive should be stored logically and efficiently. For accounting purposes, for reporting purposes, for planning purposes, it should become a part of your existing system. And, as an added benefit, it will reduce the cost of site maintenance.

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Web Portfolio
Our objective when designing web sites, is to generate business for our clients. We  make sure that our clients' web sites place very high on most widely used search engines.  That's probably how you found us...

Search Engines
Have you ever used Google, Yahoo, About, MSN or Bing to search for anything on the Internet? Have you ever wondered how these search engines work? We make it our business to know how they work.