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Back in 1984, when PC's were young and floppy disks were really floppy...

we were known as The Corporate Training Group.  Our mission then was to provide microcomputer training to Corporate America.  Our first client was the American Institute of Banking, the training arm of  The American Bankers Association.  We were contracted to help set up their microcomputer training curriculum.  We still have fond memories of WordStar, MultiMate, dBase II and VisiCalc (not to mention CP/M and TRSDOS).

In the years that followed, our clients increasingly requested our assistance in developing customized applications for their PCs.  At first, our client list consisted exclusively of large corporations such as AT&T, Barclays Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Merrill Lynch and Union Carbide.  Today, half of our clients are small businesses and non-profit organizations.

As the 80's gave way to the 90's, and training became an increasingly smaller part of our business, someone came up with the brilliant idea that we change our name.  Unfortunately, that person never dealt with New York State corporate tax laws.  Be that as it may, we are today known as Corporate Technology, Inc. and we are not likely to change our name again any time soon. 

By the time the world was preoccupied with potential Y2K nightmares, we had already launched several successful web sites.  Y2K came and went without a single hitch.  Our model of Internet commerce was proven successful, while the dot com companies who thought we weren't "big" enough, have all gone belly up.

We haven't gotten much richer, but we're doing what we really enjoy.  We still don't have a sales staff.  We still don't advertise.  And we still don't have a full-time secretary.  We make do with fairly modest quarters.  We keep expenses down, we pass the savings unto you and everybody's happy.

We are an equal opportunity employer.  That means, we don't care about your race, gender, age or religion.  Intelligence... is another matter.  So are work habits.  So if you think you're pretty smart and you don't mind working hard, send your resume to Anita Jobnow, Director, Human Resources.


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List of Clients
 Chase Manhattan
 Covenant House
 Mayo Clinic
 Merrill Lynch
 Mount Sinai Hospital
 NYS Supreme Court
 Philips Electronics
 Solel Boneh Int'l
 Thomson Publishing
 Union Carbide

Development Concept
Are you really prepared to entrust your small business or corporate career to a lone programmer working out of his house? There is a big difference between a good programmer and an experienced applications developer.