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Corporate Technology, Inc. has developed hundreds of PC-based applications since 1984.  We also provide all the services needed for a professional Web presence and successful Internet commerce.  At the core of most applications, is a well designed database management system.  Below, is a small sample of applications that we've developed for some of our clients.

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Covenant House
A worthwhile charitable organization doing more for troubled youth than most people realize.  Community Service Centers, Community Residence Centers, food, training, cloths, counseling and much more.  They do all the great work.  We just developed the programs that assist in managing their praiseworthy tasks.  This application, developed several years ago, uses Access 97 .
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Philips Electronics
Maker of leading electronic and video equipment. Application shown here utilizes Access 2000.  It manages Philips' Gift Matching Program.  Note the disabled menu choices based on user's security level.  Other applications developed for Philips include: Benefits Program and Long Term Incentives Plan System.  Philips has been a CTI client since 1990.
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Health Insurance Program of Greater New York, with almost a million members, is one of the largest managed health care providers.  Application shown was developed and is still maintained in RBASE.  Note the drop down menus showing users a trail of their path.  We've developed over a dozen systems for HIP since 1988.
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The world's fourth largest car manufacturer offers U.S. residents the ability to drive a brand new car every time they travel to Europe.  For less than conventional car rentals.  We developed their reservation system, in RBASE, and their web site (see Web Portfolio).  A CTI client since 1989.
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CTI - Client Billing System
One of our first clients was Sy Sperling of the Hair Club for Men.  You've seen his successful TV ads proclaiming that he is not just the president.  He is also a client.  We, likewise, are not just your consultants, we are our own clients.  We use software that we have developed to produce our time and billing statements (shown here), invoices, etc.


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Web Portfolio
Our objective when designing web sites, is to generate business for our clients. We  make sure that our clients' web sites place very high on most widely used search engines.  That's probably how you found us...

Affiliate Program
Affiliate programs refer users from one site to another, rewarding the referring site for all referrals and/or orders placed at the destination site. With affiliate programs, you pay for results only.  Corporate Technology is proud of its vanguard role in this important technology.