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Database programmers (Access, SQL Server, RBASE, Visual Basic)We've been developing database applications for over 20 years.  Currently our platforms of choice are Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Visual Basic and RBASE. In this section we discuss our approach to developing applications and we display a few samples of systems we've developed.

The decades of experience developing applications for corporate America and our methodical approach to programming major systems, are now available to organizations of any size.  Few companies can match our expertise in designing and developing database applications.

Our typical clients are departmental managers and small business owners.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your automation requirements.

Partial List of Clients   Sample Applications
Chase Manhattan   Debt Arbitrage Systems
ConAgra   High-Yield Bond Trading
Covenant House   Client Tracking Systems
HIP   Long-Term Incentive Plans
Mayo Clinic   Health Statistics
Merrill Lynch   Smoke Cessation Stats
Mount Sinai Hospital   Budgeting Systems
NYS Supreme Court   Car Reservation Systems
Philips Electronics   Billing/Invoicing Systems
RenaultUSA   Human Resources
Reynolds Construction   Kidney Donor Tracking
Solel Boneh Int'l   Mental Health Tracking
Thomson Publishing   Receivables Financing
Union Carbide   Branch Performance Anal.


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Our objective when designing web sites, is to generate business for our clients. We  make sure that our clients' web sites place very high on most widely used search engines.  That's probably how you found us...

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Affiliate programs refer users from one site to another, rewarding the referring site for all referrals and/or orders placed at the destination site. With affiliate programs, you pay for results only.  Corporate Technology is proud of its vanguard role in this important technology.