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On the next page, we describe in detail what we will do to achieve success for your site.  But first, a quick overview...

Most people, when considering a web site for their business, emphasize its aesthetic qualities.  They want a snazzy, flashy site that will impress their friends and colleagues.  Big mistake!

In order to understand why, let's consider what the Internet is supposed to do for your business.  It should:

  1. Drive lots of people to your site,
  2. Clearly explain what products or services you offer,
  3. Make it easy for them to request more information, and
  4. Allow them to order securely online.
  5. In addition, your site should incorporate all web related activity with your ongoing business.   For example, it should:

  • integrate visitors requesting information with your other "prospects",
  • integrate online orders with all your other orders,
  • reconcile credit card orders,
  • store all entries in a database for future promotions...
  • in short, become "part of" your automated solution.

The average graphic artist or advertising firm, not only lacks the training and skills required to accomplish the above tasks, they most likely haven't even considered them.

Here's our approach...

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Web Portfolio
Our objective when designing web sites, is to generate business for our clients. We  make sure that our clients' web sites place very high on most widely used search engines.  That's probably how you found us...

Search Engines
Have you ever used Google, Yahoo, About, MSN or Bing to search for anything on the Internet? Have you ever wondered how these search engines work? We make it our business to know how they work.