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Larger businesses have their own MIS department to manage computer networks, purchasing agents to purchase equipment, an IS staff to support end users. To these clients we provide very specialized expertise and we assist in the development of customized applications.  Smaller businesses, however, have neither the time nor the money to keep up with the latest technology, to negotiate reasonable prices, install and maintain computer networks, develop customized applications, train end-users, sell on the Internet, etc.

Thatís where we come in.  Corporate Technology constantly evaluates new hardware, software, networks and peripherals.  We are committed to providing our clients with reasonably priced solutions to all their automation needs.  We will develop customized applications to a client's specifications, install the hardware and software, train its personnel, and be available for continued on-site support when needed.

And now, with the Internet changing how business is conducted, the same company that develops and maintains your computer systems can also design and maintain your professional and profitable corporate presence on the web.

As a Corporate Technology client, you will be assigned a primary and backup contact, both of whom will be familiar with your business and your computer applications.  With us, you don't just get a programmer.  You get a team.  A team with expertise in diverse  areas of computer and Internet technologies.  Backed by a team of graphic artists and marketing professionals.


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List of Clients
 Chase Manhattan
 Covenant House
 Mayo Clinic
 Merrill Lynch
 Mount Sinai Hospital
 NYS Supreme Court
 Philips Electronics
 Solel Boneh Int'l
 Thomson Publishing
 Union Carbide

Search Engines
Have you ever used Google, Yahoo, About, MSN or Bing to search for anything on the Internet? Have you ever wondered how these search engines work? We make it our business to know how they work.