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When Microsoft decided to enter the database arena some two decades ago, Corporate Technology participated in Beta testing its unannounced database management system.  We were not impressed.  Our feedback to Microsoft indicated that their product was not yet ready to compete with competitors like Paradox, FoxPro and RBASE, which we were using extensively at the time.  To Microsoft's credit, they never released their database product.  When, a few years later, Microsoft introduced Access 2, as it was called, we thought that it was an improvement.  But still, we did not recommend it to our clients.  It was not yet robust enough for serious development.

With the introduction of Access 97, we began serious applications development for some of our corporate clients.  Access 2000 combines the best of all worlds: ease of use for novice users and serious applications development tools for the developer.  Access 2002, 2003 and later Access 2007 and 2010 have added many improvements, especially for developers.

Access is still falsely maligned by early testers as being slow or not permitting extensive simultaneous usage.  We strongly disagree.  Access 2000, for example, is reliable and fast.  Ditto for Access 2003.  Simultaneous access to the database is very efficient and even simultaneous updates and entries (which former versions could not handle well) are performed by Access on par with any PC based DBMS.

We have no problem working with SQL Server.  We've been working with SQL since the mid-80's.  It's just that most applications don't really require it.

Many of our web-based applications use Access 2007 or Access 2010 and you will note that our sites considerably outperform their competition on the web.  With proper planning and good programming, Access is easily capable of 20 or more simultaneous updates and hundreds of simultaneous "reads", making it a good choice for corporate departments and small businesses.  All of our development is done in New York City, NY.  But we support clients all over the world.


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